Road marking

Industrie Mica Prahova SA applies all types of road markings for both asphalt coats as well as concrete or cement coats, such as: 

  • longitudinal markings to separate traffic going in opposite directions or the lanes going in the same direction;
  • transverse markings such as stop lines, priority markings, pedestrian crossing lines, bicycle crossing lines;
  • various markings for guidance, no-entry markings, markings indicating bus and taxi stations, parking spaces, arrows or inscriptions.

The markings can be applied with:

  • normal solvent-based paint
  • 2-component paint.

The respective paints are applied with specialized cars:

  • Hofmann H – 18 Universal road marking machine
  • Zindel – Variozet – 3 road marking machine
  • 2 road marking machines for transverse marking.

The company’s equipment includes a 7.5 tons truck, a Fiat Ducato utility vehicle as well as a trailer for the transport of the road marking machine.

Industrie Mică Prahova SA

production and installation of all types of road signs; application of horizontal markings on public roads